GPS Painting boast a team of qualified and experienced painters able to provide high quality painting and building maintenance services.  Our experience and size means we offer flexible services – we can work around the clock, day or night to meet your needs.

Residential & Commercial Painting

GPS Painting provides property maintenance services including painting and re-painting of residential, commercial and industrial properties.  We have extensive experience working on multi-unit complexes, government buildings and remote projects, providing both interior and exterior painting services delivered by a profession team of tradespeople.  

If you're building a new home, renovating or simply revamping we provide a colour consultation service to help you achieve the look you want and carefully considering our tropical environment.

Body Corporate

Our qualified team are experienced in providing body corporate and facility management services. We ensure the efficient operation of building through the provision of planned and ongoing painting, minor building repairs and maintenance.  We have a network of contractors that we can recommend for associated body corporate maintenance requirements, or our professional team can work with existing contractors to ensure your building is well maintained.  

Our maintenance services aren’t restricted to just Body Corporates – we provide maintenance programs for your home, business or resort.

Specialty Coatings

GPS Painting continually investigates new products to improve our services to our valued clients.  Our team is experienced working with specialty coatings such as Anti Flame, Anti Graffiti and Allergy free paints as well as industrial coatings.  

We offer roof painting services using specialty protective and insulation coatings to maintain and keep buildings cool in our harsh, tropical environment.

Heat Reflective Coatings

Locals are seeing the real benefits of having their roofs painted in Heat Reflective Coatings. To put it simply, the coating aids the cooling of your home temperatures due to better heat management; the temperature reductions to inside areas can be between 8 -12°C cooler. Other significant benefits include: reduced demand on air-conditioning power; reduced green-house gas emissions, and the extensive range of colours available to enhance the appearance of your home.

Our team are trained and experienced in Roof painting. We adhere to all WH&S requirements and use the necessary access lifting equipment (Boom Lift etc).

Roof Restoration and High Pressure Water Clean

Do you want the best looking roof in your street?
GPS Painting can offer you offer you a complete roof restoration package to suit your specific requirements. We are the specialists needed to make your roof stand out from the rest.

It’s all in the preparation – that’s why we take the greatest of care to ensure the roof surface is fully prepared prior to painting.

Our roof restoration service includes:

  • inspection of roof screws and replacement if needed
  • anti rust treatment for roof screws if needed
  • masking up of areas not being painted (solar Panels etc)

We offer you the following painting options for your roof, and rest assured we apply the same preparation regardless of what paint option is used.  Simply choose a colour and away we go!

  • Standard Acrylic Roof Paint - a cheaper option, but in no way a “cheap” way of painting your roof.

Specialty Services

We can provide a number of associated services including timber staining and varnishing and rendering to all types of buildings (interior and exterior rendering).  

And for your peace of mind, we are:

  • Fully licensed professional painters
  • QBSA licensed 1095153
  • Industry accreditation (BSA & HIA)
  • Quick response time to your project
  • National Code of conduct Certified


We are leading the way in comprehensive free quotations. Our quotations are detailed so you know exactly what work is to be carried out and under what specifications. We aim to have your quotation to you within 24hours of consultation, however depending on the jobs requirements it may be a little longer, but you can be assured that the quote will be detailed, complete and competitive.


We only use quality premium paint that is suited to our unique climate and conditions. Our paint products are backed by a manufactures warranty and adhere to APAS requirements.

Free Quote

Contact us today for a free comprehensive no obligation quote. We aim to respond within 24 hours of consultation.

For more complex projects it may take a little longer but we endeavour to respond promptly.

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